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What you need:

📱 A Smartphone or Computer: A device and internet access to create and manage your TikTok Shop account.

📲 TikTok App: On your mobile, download the TikTok app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

🤝 TikTok Shop Account: Register for free 

💰 Payment Method: Ensure you have a reliable and secure method to receive your affiliate commissions. This could be a bank account, PayPal, or another trusted payment platform supported by TikTok’s affiliate programme.

🎯 🇬🇧 UK Followers (1,000) or US Followers (5,000): To be eligible for TikTok Shop, you need to have a minimum of 1,000 followers if you’re in the UK or 5,000 followers if you’re in the US.

"I’ve developed massively and had some really successful viral videos. First time I’ve been in the top 100 creators for videos so boot camp deffo works 🤩🥳 🤩 and because my videos are doing so well I’ve been invited to my first event !!"


Chloe Hillier




Unlock High Earnings with a Small Investment:

This is a fantastic chance to make good money with a tiny upfront cost. Many people are growing their wealth with viral videos.


Turn Your Passion into Profit:

Join famous brands and influencers who love TikTok Shop. Giants like ESTÉE LAUDER, L’Oreal, Levis’s, and others are already here.


Get Free Stuff:

Use the “Free Sample” feature to grab freebies if you have over 10,000 followers.


TTS Bootcamp Courses: Your Ticket to TikTok Shop Success


There are two Bootcamp courses to choose from:
SFV (Short-Form-Video) Bootcamp
LIVE Bootcamp

The value of these courses is £1,500
BUT, you can get them available today for £179* for one Bootcamp course…


OR £199* for BOTH Bootcamp courses…


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"I’ve just finished my SFV Bootcamp with Jon and honestly can’t explain how helpful it was for upping my game on my content! I really enjoyed it and Jon is also really down to earth and easy going! No questions are too silly!! You’re made to feel really comfortable and included! I’ll definitely be dropping in for freshen-ups! Thanks again Jon!"



What is the TikTok Shop Bootcamp Course?

  • 4-week training course to optimise your Short Form Videos (SFV) or Livestreams
  • One online session per week (or two if you sign up to SFV AND Live Bootcamps)
  • Each session is 50-60 mins
  • Ideally, you’ll come along to all sessions to get the maximum benefit
  • TikTok Bootcamp has been exclusively available to Wesconnnex Creators until now!

You will learn:


  • Optimising your channel
  • How to structure your videos/ livestreams
  • Learn How to Kickstart Your TikTok Shop Journey
  •  Master the Art of Crafting Viral Videos
  • How to increase engagement
  • Sales techniques to maximise your income
        …and more!

Course Leader

Jonathan Colen, Digital Marketing Manager at Wesconnex.
  • Live presenter on Official TikTok channel @sellwithtiktokshop_uk
  • 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing
  • Google and CIM Certified
  • TikTok Training Manager who spends every day helping content creators grow their, audience increase TikTok sales and get brand partnerships


Join one TikTok BOOTCAMP course

£ 179

  • One TikTok Bootcamp course (Choose between Bootcamp SFV or Bootcamp LIVE)
  • Webinars
  • Course content shared after sessions
  • Both courses
  • Agency membership
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BOTH TikTok Bootcamp courses​

£ 358

£ 199

  • Full Acccess to both courses
  • SFV (Short Form Video) Bootcamp
  • LIVE Bootcamp
  • Webinars
  • Course content shared after sessions
  • Agency membership
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You will get get full access to BOTH of these TikTok Bootcamp courses AND…


  1. Potential promotion of your shoppable videos/ Live.
  2. You will be contacted to work with INCREDIBLE brands.
  3. In-house training to help you reach your full earning potential and to optimise your social profiles.
  4. Product samples to support your videos.


And much more…


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