Social Media Customer Service – a vital Marketing Tool in new markets

Developing a social media customer service capability is critical to businesses entering new markets – “A man without a smiling face must not open a shop.” There is value in responding to both positive and negative comments: According to Harvard Business School, a 5-star rating increase in customer reviews leads to a 9% increase in […]

Why is local customer support now a critical element of Content Marketing?

Conversations between customer service advisors and customers are becoming an increasingly important part of content marketing. John Drinkwater explains why excelling in local customer service should be a key part of marketing activity for growing brand. Take a moment to recall a customer service experience that started with confusion or frustration for you, and ended […]

UK Footwear Market

Key Market Trends In the UK footwear market, online channel spend growth of 54.6% forecast over the next five years Online, click-and-collect, availability, choice of delivery time and location are all critical to attracting and keeping customers, as well as meeting their growing expectations. We still need to catch up with the wider fashion sector.” […]