Maximise Your TikTok Potential: The Benefits of Joining a TikTok Talent Agency

Every TikTok creator, from budding influencers to established internet personalities, constantly seeks ways to amplify their reach, engage more deeply with their audience, and create content that resonates.  For many, joining a TikTok Talent Agency (otherwise known as a Multi-Channel Network (MCN)) is the key to unlocking these aspirations.  In the expansive world of TikTok, […]

Work with us: TikTok Live Presenter

JOB: Part-time Freelance TikTok Live Presenter Freelance Presenter Company: Wesconnex Part-time Freelance position (Evenings, Saturdays and Sundays) with potential for the role to grow. Do you love being on camera and filming TikToks? Wesconnex is looking for a Birmingham-based TikTok Live Fashion Presenter who will spend time presenting for a fast-growing Tiktok live stream shopping […]

Influencer Outreach Blog

The big question to begin this blog is ‘what is influencer marketing?’ now at a fundamental level, influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses product mentions and endorsements from influencers to increase sales. These ‘influencers can be defined as people who have the power to effect a consumers buying decision and […]

The evolution of TikTok Blog

Social media never fails to surprise us marketers. Just when you think one platform has managed to monopolise the space, another emerges almost out of nowhere, and the landscape shifts. Whilst Instagram and Youtube stormed the internet, a new contender entered the market and became the fastest growing social media platform and a colossal rise […]

Using the full potential of UK media for better growth

It’s a surprising fact to many marketers in the UK, that the average UK citizen watches 17 minutes of TV advertising each day, but only one minute of online video advertising (WARC Research, 2019). This surprises many people because they’re constantly told that traditional media is dead and any marketing other than online marketing is […]

Why are consumers less likely to choose Chinese brands in Western markets?

From Pampers to Dolce and Gabbana, from ASOS to Marks and Spencer there is a long list of Western brands that have made costly mistakes in China because they didn’t understand that Chinese consumers’ behaviour was not the same as Western consumers’ behaviour, or that social attitudes were different, or they didn’t pay attention to […]

How to understand western consumers for better results?

At the heart of many western companies is a relentless and unending focus on understanding the consumer. All business strategies are seen through the lens of consumer interest and opinion in order to develop product lines that can attract consumer interest for the long term. Some of the most successful of these types of company […]

Overcoming the big challenge facing Chinese companies in western markets

Across the world approximately 30,000 products are launched every year, for any brand standing out in this ocean of choice is hard, but we think it’s even harder for Chinese companies entering western markets. Aside from the obvious cultural, social and language differences, the competitive landscape and the behaviours of consumers are so different that […]

Establishing Business in Europe is About Brand Building – Here Is How

Market Entry A simple direct entry strategy for products into mature markets in Europe can prove to be very expensive and is easily defended by incumbents. Once competitors spot a challenge, they are likely to react strongly using their established brands, high marketing budgets and well established distribution channel relationships. However, for companies offering manufactured […]

How blogging can engage potential customers?

When producing marketing copy, an intelligent and culturally-sensitive understanding of the buyer’s emotional state is critical. Good content can make a huge difference to the conversion rate of websites and marketing material, so have a real effect on the bottom line of a e-commerce business. Drawing form my own experience, here I summarise my top […]